Warehouse receiving checklist template

The warehouse audit can be performed by the department itself, an internal auditor, or an external auditor. It should result in a warehouse audit report that details strengths and weaknesses and suggests improvements.

Whether performed by an internal agency or an outside entity, there are many benefits from conducting a warehouse audit. These include establishing consistently sustainable standards and supplying constant access to reliable data.

An audit will also help inform strategic and managerial decisions as well as identify where you can improve and where you can eliminate inefficiencies. A professional audit should result in a warehouse audit report with suggestions for improving efficiency and sustainability. A warehouse audit will invariably begin with the gathering of data — both quantitative and qualitative — from key stakeholders.

This data will then be analyzed and interpreted. The main department involved in data collection and interviews will be the warehouse, however, other departments may also be involved, including purchasing, customer service, production, and IT. Each of these departments can provide valuable insight into any issues and can also benefit from the outcome of the audit.

All gathered and analyzed information can be turned into an as-is process, with documents and flow maps to supply a clear understanding of the entire process.

They can be used to help evaluate the process so that inefficiencies, waste, and bottlenecks can be identified. The audit team will then offer recommendations, risk assessments, and action items on a warehouse audit report. The data gathered during the warehouse audit is also analyzed and used as benchmarks to back up the findings as well as quantify costs and potential savings.

A properly completed warehouse audit report will give you a complete set of data analyses that can be used to measure continuous improvement. This includes order profiles, productivity profiles, inventory profiles, and other operating ratios. The audit covers each functional area, from receiving through shipping and including inventory control.

Below is a warehouse audit checklist that demonstrates what the audit should include. In a nutshell, a warehouse audit identifies good working practices and improvement or optimization opportunities inside the warehouse through data benchmarking and an objective assessment.

It also supplies a roadmap to qualitative warehouse improvement, savings and cost avoidance, and improved efficiency. All rights reserved. Benefits of a Warehouse Audit Whether performed by an internal agency or an outside entity, there are many benefits from conducting a warehouse audit. Warehouse Audit Checklist and Report A properly completed warehouse audit report will give you a complete set of data analyses that can be used to measure continuous improvement.Receiving operation includes the physical unloading of incoming goods, checking, recording of receipts, and deciding where the received goods are to be put away in the warehouse.

It also include activities such as unpacking and repackaging, quality control checks and temporary quarantine storage for goods waiting clearance by quality control. It can be one of the most complicated functions in warehouse processes. Errors in receiving operations may result many ripple effects. Production department may use the wrong items or insufficient of quantities. Purchasing department will encounter what they purchased are not what they received.

Accounting department may overpay for any shortfall quantity. Are receiving documents Purchase Order or Requisition, Delivery Order, Packing Lists available at the time when shipments are received? Are standard operating procedures or working instructions available when inspections are performed and checked? Are items checked for descriptions, quantity and condition at the arrival of shipment and before accepting the bill of lading and completing the receiving report?

Checklists for Receiving Operation April 11th, Receiving operation includes the physical unloading of incoming goods, checking, recording of receipts, and deciding where the received goods are to be put away in the warehouse. Checklists for receiving operations :- 1. Are vendor compliance standards and procedures being followed during receiving? Any non-conformance issue being recorded and update into vendor tracking and history records? Are receiving reports and documents being processed properly for data entry?

Are unprocessed or backlog items being recorded and monitored? Are materials handling equipments in good working condition?

warehouse receiving checklist template

Are receiving space, dock, and pallets for receipts sufficient and in order?When it comes to inbound inventory, your business needs a clear set of rules and protocol to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency, including a container receiving checklist. Without having rules in place, costs will skyrocket, shrinkage will increase, and profits will diminish.

In particular, you need a checklist that tells everyone in your organization exactly what happens when an inbound container is received. Receiving is clearly the most important component of the warehouse cycle. When receiving inventory, you can royally screw up the entire supply chain, or you can set yourself up for maximum efficiency and success down the road.

Unfortunately, many small businesses are so focused on fulfilling orders and getting outbound shipments out of the warehouse and onto trucks that they forget just how critical receiving is in the grand scheme of things.

The reality is that proper receiving protocol leads to effortless fulfillment and outbound shipments. This means you desperately need to put your attention and focus on inbound shipments. By creating a container receiving checklist, you can ensure your warehouse is operating on a strong and stable foundation. Every company is different. However, the basics of container receiving should be pretty similar across the board. In virtually every instance, the following points and processes should be accounted for on a container receiving checklist.

Receiving always starts with a thorough inspection. However, because a proper inspection can be time consuming, many warehouse managers skimp on this responsibility. This is a major mistake. You should never sign for a delivery without meticulously inspecting the contents of the container. This needs to be highlighted, underlined, and starred at the very top of your checklist.

Ask drivers to wait around for a few minutes so that you can inspect the delivery. You should physically examine the goods so that you can ensure they are accounted for and in good shape.

This is the easiest way to avoid a dispute with your supplier at a later date. In these situations, inspect as much as you can before the driver leaves and then conduct a total inspection immediately following departure. You need to immediately identify and properly report any damaged goods you discover. Every warehouse employee who touches inbound inventory needs to understand what proper protocol for reporting damaged goods looks like.

Here are a few suggestions that many warehouse managers implement:. Again, the exact details of how you report damaged goods may vary, but these three tips are an effective place to start. Signing off is a responsibility that should only be granted to certain individuals. You should only allow full-time, salaried employees to do this. This diminishes the likelihood of mistakes in the receiving process and encourages a more comprehensive review.

Unfortunately, this is where the process breaks down in many warehouses. On your container receiving checklist, there should be clear instructions for sending and filing inventory reports.Warehouse managers know all too well that the task of managing operations for a warehouse facility is far from straightforward.

Emergency Field Operations Manual

Add ensuring profitability and minimizing overhead and labor costs to the mix, and warehouse operators have their work cut out for them. While categorized by topic, please note that the following best practices are not otherwise rated or ranked in any particular order of importance.

To jump to a specific section, use the links in the table of contents below. Use automatic data collection. The benefits of automatic data collection—via bar code and radio frequency identification—are well-established, including increased productivity and accuracy and lower labor costs. Promote information visibility company-wide. Another respondent points to visibility as a means to improvement. Asset tracking paired with a warehouse management system WMS provides the automation necessary to maximize warehouse productivity.

Companies are constantly striving to improve their warehouse operations by increasing agility, visibility and labor efficiency. Data synchronization improves visibility and streamlines ordinarily labor-intensive data integration tasks.

The result — retailers, suppliers and consumers all become winners. Use bin locations to quickly locate products. The vast majority of distribution software packages available today utilize bin locations.

This allows for immediate, accurate location of products within your showroom and warehouse zones. Many distributors are leery of taking advantage of this tool because of the perceived need to keep vendor lines together.

Bin locations, in fact, free you to locate product based on sales volume, thereby reducing the number of footsteps required to pick those key items that tend to show up on a majority of orders. I call this locating your product by velocity rank.

Are you able to bring in a new hire or temporary employee and be confident that this individual is productive within two to three hours?


Utilizing bin locations provides a map for the new recruit to follow. This allows you to look for someone skilled in the area of material handling. Without bin locations, you will need to look for someone who is experienced within the product lines you carry in order to find the product to fill orders. They will require more hand holding to learn where those different product lines are kept within your four walls.

We have done time and motion studies that prove that there is a definite time penalty associated to mixing multiple SKUs into the same bin location.

warehouse receiving checklist template

The operator is directed to the shelf level and then needs to search through the different SKUs to find the item to be picked. Having a discrete pick location for every SKU is rule 1.

Record the number of times inventory is picked during specific time frames using an asset tracking system. As an example, if an item is picked only five times a year, the cost of storage can be eliminated by drop shipping from the manufacturer.

By recording the number of times a product is picked, you can determine the value of the space where the inventory resides. Asset tracking enables more accurate forecasting, essential for lowering costs and improving inventory management. When retailers are able to accurately predict which items they need and the correct quantity, they will be better suited to meet the expectations of their customers without having surplus stock.

Better forecasting requires deft observation of market research, market demand models, demand patterns, minimum stock levels and historical techniques and can play a huge role in successful inventory management. If the serial number is used as the tracking number, the duplicate numbers will cause confusion because there is no way to tell the two assets apart. This can compromise data integrity and lead to inaccurate customer balances and inventory, reduce your rental income and impact customer satisfaction.

Using a unique tracking number different from the serial number eliminates these problems.Already have an account? Log in. Sign up. If you need more help, please contact our support team. If you sell a vehicle, this receiving checklist form is useful for you. This receiving form template allows gathering job number, delivery company, vehicle type, date and vehicle check that includes side lights, fog lights, main beam.

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warehouse receiving checklist template

Have an easier way to keep track of your counseling sessions by using this school counseling case notes template today! A standard IT Service Form, useful for businesses that deal with everyday IT related tasks which can be used as an IT service ticket template that allows file attachment and provides an area for further information.

IT Service Request Form allows your customers to report an issue and make a request regarding a repair through providing their contact information, category of the problem, any further explanation and comments. It also detects the motivation behind mentioned incident and its consequence. Do you want to follow your employees weekly worked hours?

This timesheet report template is a great example of how you can use a form as a Time Sheet for reporting your hours on the job. It's perfect for businesses and large corporations who prefer a digital method or manual backup.

Employee time sheet form contains employee's information and total hours when the employee worked each day. Was one of your staff sick today? Or had been any incidents? If so, with this form, you can also prepare a service report includes this information and many more.A warehouse goes through a standard receiving process when shipments arrive to replenish stocked inventory. The warehouse coordinator or inventory clerk has a set procedure to check all received shipments and that paperwork is handled efficiently.

If the warehouse personnel encounter any receiving problems, the issues can be addressed quickly so that the correct shipment is available for customers.

Warehouse inventory

When a delivery truck arrives at the unloading dock, the inventory clerk speaks with the driver concerning the shipment. The Inventory checks her records to validate that the particular item was ordered and set for delivery. The inventory clerk signs her name on the delivery shipping notice as she accepts the shipment from the driver.

After the shipping notice is signed, the warehouse personnel unload the crates from the truck. She counts the number of crates or boxes so the quantity matches the delivery driver's shipping notice.

10+ Receiving Checklist Templates

Each crate is opened and an exact count of the received product is taken. Any discrepancies in the count from the invoice slip is noted so that the purchasing department can rectify the situation with the product manufacturer. The inventory clerk checks all of the products for any damage caused during shipping. Damaged products are set aside so the manufacturer can retrieve the items and offer replacements. The delivery driver must review that there are damaged products in the shipment and initial the documentation regarding the damaged products before leaving the warehouse.

Depending on the manufacturer's policy, the driver may take the products at that time to bring back replacements. Warehouse personnel assign inventory numbers to products before stocking the items on shelves. The inventory clerk inputs all product information into the warehouse data system. She syncs the data with all other departments requiring the information, including customer service, the sales department and accounts payable department.

The inventory clerk files all written documentation such as the invoices and packing slips for auditing purposes. Based in southwestern Pennsylvania, Michelle Hickman has written since on an array of topics including lifestyle, writing instruction and financial services. Share It. About the Author.Ingram Micro provides efficient and transparent order fulfillment services so that your operations run smoothly. The result is a mutually-beneficial partnership that will last for years to come.

To ensure this, we have developed receiving best practices that get your product to the available-for-sale stage quickly, reliably and cost-effectively. By following our Receiving Guideyou can eliminate receiving delays at the warehouse and allow your Ingram Micro warehouse to provide expedited service levels. Our goal is to get every product available for sale with no errors and in the least amount of time.

By doing your part, you can reduce the time it takes for us to process your inbound receiving, and avoid unnecessary charges, errors, and delays. Learn more. Was this article helpful? Forgot your password?

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