1952 d ddo

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Varieties: Doubled Dies

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1952 d ddo

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Lincoln Wheat USA 1c. Page 1 to Stage A:. Stage B:. Die chip in lower Left wheat lines — MDS. Die break in lower Right wheat grains. Stage C:.

Error/Variety Index

John Knabe. Reverse and Obverse are MDS. Reverse and Obverse are EDS. Die clash at throat — MDS. Stage D:. Two die gouges on forehead above bridge of nose — EMDS. Two light die gouges near rim East of date. Weak die gouges near rim East of date — MDS. Long die gouge on nose — MDS. Three die gouges in hair behind ear — EMDS. Obverse die changed — MDS. Weak die gouges near rim East of date.

Obverse die changed — EDS. Horizontal die gouge on nose. Die scratch through W of WE. Obverse and Reverse are LDS. Strong spread South on eyelid. Three die cracks on forehead — LDS. Die crack Northeast across shoulder. Mintmark is slightly below a line from the tail of the 9 to the tail of the 5 and the Right edge of the mintmark lines up with a line down the Left edge of the 5. Obverse and Reverse are MDS. Mintmark is even with a line from the tail of the 9 to the tail of the 5 and slightly Left of a line down the Left side of the 5.

Medium spread South on eyelid. Strong spread but light hubbing Southeast as an extra eyelid.Controversial Cents The following is a list of the most popular Lincoln cent varieties that could be considered controversial.

It is a unique example, and its existence is truly mysterious. The coin was discovered by a California collector in The collector submitted the cent to Secret Service Forensic Division, and in their opinion the coin was genuine.

The coin was then examined by numismatists representing the major coin grading companies who were of the opinion the coin should receive a "No Decision" grade because its authenticity could not be guaranteed. The coin was sent to the Secret Service for a second time, and once again their opinion was that the cent was genuine.

A power optical scanning electron micrograph showed that the coin was not a composition of two coins, an altered date, or a tooled coin. Inthe coin was sent to PCGS. PCGS was of the opinion that the cent was produced by fabricated dies made using spark erosion.

Spark erosion is a very complicated form of creating counterfeit dies from existing coins. PCGS would not certify the coin. Several experts have since examined the coin with various opinions regarding its authenticity. Inthe current owners of the cent threatened anyone who made disparaging comments about the coins authenticity with legal action. The coin was intended for sale on Sept. The coin was pulled after convicted forger and murderer Mark Hofmann claims responsibility for forging of the D mule.

Hofmann claimed to have made the coin using an electroplating process. The coin was re-examined by Secret Service who found no merit to the forger's claims. Many experts including, Charles Daughtrey and John W.

Franklin Half Varieties and Errors

Bordner, believe that this variety is in fact an OMM. Parts of what look to be an S mintmark can be seen Northeast of the primary mintmark. Later die states show a clearer S mintmark. The variety also displays a repunched D mintmark. A recent re-evaluation of this variety using high magnification photos and computer generated overlays of an EDS specimen revealed that at best this variety was the upper loop of an inverted S punch. While it is possible, it does not appear to be probable. I think to posit a partial inverted S punch as the best explanation of the anomaly stretches the bounds of credulity.

The upper line is easily seen as the intersection of two die scratches.Search CCF Members. Active Users. There are currentlyusers on this website. Welcome Guest! Need help? Got a question? Inherit some coins? Our coin forum is completely free! Register Now! Over the years I have had a habit of finding stuff and tossing it in a box for the next blue moon to attribute. During the most recent moon this was in a handful of stuff. No idea when I picked it. From viewing these pics the attributor for Copper coins felt it was not on his site or on Variety Vista though Wexler does not show all his listings.

The rpm as well as the doubled eye are not too bad. Report this Post to the Staff. Nice find and nice condition too.

1952 d ddo

I agree very nice condition. Perhaps you are not actually tossing them into a box? Actually I pretty much do! Ok very good. I'm glad to see your judicious use of flips and 2x2s. I've got a similar bin where I chuck my culls and bronze disease victims. I guess we all probably have something similar. Sorry to sidetrack your thread--super coin!

Errers and Varietys. Nice find, congrats! At least you can dig through your box on a blue moon. My strange box only gets looked at during the passing of Haley's comet.

But they do make great gifts for grandkids to keep them interested. And keep me from losing my eyesight. Not only a DDO for the eye, check out the forehead and bridge of nose.

Possibly even lower on right bust! Wow - very nice find and very nice condition. Nice find stonemanAll of the other cross-referenced attributers recognize it as a D over a Horizontal D. You be the judge. Crawford, and John A. You need to judge and decide for yourself. This image from Billy G. Crawford shows the key highpoints of what has been thought to be an underlying S mint mark. The marking at the lower left arrow is now believed to be part of an underlying D to the south.

The top left arrow and the raised area inside the D are believed to be parts of an underlying horizontal D mint mark. The lower center and lower right arrows are consistent with either the horizontal D or the D to the south as will be seen in the following overlays from Billy G. This overlay from Billy G. Crawford shows a horizontal D overlay.

Note how the highpoints of the upper left arrow and the two lower right arrows are a perfect match for what is seen on the supposed S. The lower left arrow also appears to match, but the shape is not right for what is seen at the point without the overlay. The element at the lower left arrow is believed to be part of an additional D punched to the south. Note that the bottom left and bottom right arrows do not coincide with the high points of the S. Moving the S to coincide with the lower left and lower right arrows moves the S out of alignment with the upper left and lower center arrows.

This image courtesy of Billy G. Crawford shows keys points of the underlying mint mark that some believe to be an S mint mark.

Later die state coins will only show the secondary D to the north. The secondary D is slightly tilted and is punched into the lower 5 in the date.

1952 D Lincoln Penny: 746,130,000 Minted (95% Copper)

The secondary D is touching the lower 5. Not all die variety specialists agree that the other extra images are from a mint mark punch. The most interesting of these is an extra punch that is visible in the vest southwest of the date.Suddenly and thankfully I find myself cherrypicking and attributing a lot of coins for the first time in more years that I can remember!

Of course I plan to submit the majority of what I believe to be new finds to James Wiles for listing. How wonderful it is to be reborn! The benefits of using this FREE listing are immeasurable.

However, when asking myself what would make it better, I thought it would be nice if all of those pictured in Errorscope were indexed here so we could look them up to better attribute our finds.

And, I knew right away I had to share it with you all. It has been awhile since I have been able to contribute much to the club and I thank God to have the ability now.

While creating this index I came across several significant articles that are also instrumental in attributing your varieties. I mostly highly recommend you familiarize yourself with the following as well:. Reverse Design Varieties are now listed numerically. Just convert the letters to numbers. I have not incorporated these RPMs into the index.

I hope you find this small project of some benefit. It feels good to be able to present it to you! Happy picking! Issue of ES by Vol. Page Number s S. Page Number s VDB. Variety Number. Page Number s.The Power of Looks A short-short story. See More Posts advertisementgoogletag. We've received your submission.

These rankings are compiled via statistical analysis and projected earnings as well as a dollop of popular demand and New York bias.

1952 d ddo

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